This is a typically glorious, feel good set from the masterful John Talabot; recorded at the Button Factory in Dublin. Marvellous.

This track Sparkling Controversy by Floating Points is perfect for Friday, a gradual groovy build leading to a louche jazzy breakdown. Its classic FP, and I dig it.

Paul White makes hip hop inspired tracks that sound like no one else. How is this man not being snapped up for production duties left right and centre?

This latest track Where You Gonna Go has a more driving disco -esque bassline and a warped pop vocal line drenched in echo.

I have been neglecting OGT due to the strangely all consuming nature of a new day job. Damn busy, with less musical moments to snatch. However, now it’s Friday, there can be no further excuses for tardiness. So some fresh from the oven FaltyDL is first up. Heart and Soul is a mix of light touch jungle rhythm and bassline with a shimmering sweet vintage vocal loop running along with it.

Joey Badass is the KIng of underground Hip Hop for me right now. He has the freshest flow of all the new school. Hear him literally roar on Big Dusty - a track produced by Kirk Knight. I love the husk in his raw voice - mad passionate.

Mega-maxi-love this remix of New Structures For Loving from Marcel Dettman.

Midland’s music has always got me right in the head or the heart. I like it when his music takes you roughly by the collar and throws you straight into the mouth of dance floor destruction. But I also like it when he lets his subtle, melodic taste in electronica come to the fore. Enter Before We Leave, a track that is both driving as all house-hell and yet as smooth and groovy as the sun setting across a Balearic coastline. You’ve done me again Midland. Bravo.

Greymatter’s album ‘Visions’ is now on general release - and on my vinyl shopping list - but this exclusive extra track from the digital download version means I am tempted to get it in digital format too. End Game featuring Kishon Khan shows the influence that jazz has had on the producer - so so good.

Fresh heartache electro-pop from Greek duo Keep Shelly In Athens. This track Flyaway has a melancholy chill under the pop melodies. It’s an understated and pretty comeback.

Today in ‘remixes to know and love’ I give you, Kelis. Masterfully mellowed out and twisted by Maribou State and Pedestrian, Friday Fish Fry sounds incredible. Kelis’s voice on that line, “begging you please, I’m down on my knees”, well, I die…