Another of my woman idols. The ever beautiful Amy Winehouse. 


Happy Birthday, Amy.

A fresh sleazy soul jam I Had A Dream from trip hop’s most paranoid - Tricky. Featuring some very pretty vocals from Francesca Belmonte.

A mere hint of the Edith Piaf about this melancholy ballad Villa Morose from Nadine Shah. Waltz into your Friday.

Latest release on Peckham’s Rhythm Section imprint from Al Dobson Junior is Rye Lane Versions. As someone who has her copy of Rye Lane Volume 1 on heavy rotation, this set of remixes was something I was keen to get down to. This is my current stand out favourite; Pataki’s sleazy / sexy take on Santiago Black. Take me back to the pool hall, I need to dance.

One of my all time favourite musicians.
One of my all time favourite musicians.
One of my all time favourite musicians.

One of my all time favourite musicians.

To break the electronic monotony, I’ve been swooning over the avant garde jazz tinted soul music of Laura Doggett’s Phoenix. I first came across this track when I was listening to the Eagles for Hands remix (also brilliant). On either, Laura’s alto voice is sublime and cello-like; deep and full of an aching longing. 


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Maya Jane Coles, opens another new chapter in her remarkable career as she releases her collaboration EP with British based duo GAPS; aka Rachel Butt and Ed Critchley. 

The ”In Dark, In Day” EP is released on 8th September 2014 on Beatport and on all other digital platforms from 22nd September 2014 via Maya’s own label;I am  I/AM/ME.” 

Stay in Touch…

I am so excited about this release. Maya’s production and Rachel’s voice work so well together.  

I love RATKING. Fully refreshing gutter hip-hop music.

Second Ghostly tip of the day is this storming thug-fucker of a techno rip called Drip Dawn by Patricia, taken from the Side Piece EP.

Ghostly was one of my go-to labels, but then I got my heart broken and all the music I had coveted sort of hurt to hear, so I left it well alone.

But I couldn’t leave the music from the next two posts well alone even if I tried. The first track is the ethereal whispering synth of Christopher Willits’ VISION, taken from the album Opening which is due for release on 2nd September.